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Planning consultation: Labour and Tories bottle out!

by gwynethdeakins on October 6, 2014

Last week a Council Committee considered a Council planning consultation document which will seek views on the idea that there should be a major intensification of  development in Woodford, South Woodford and Wanstead.  This would be in order to meet Redbridge’s housing targets, as one of several alternatives to developing the Oakfield site in Fairlop. Roding ward’s Cllr Gwyneth Deakins pointed out […]

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Redbridge Council is doing a U-turn of its own, with news that the Cabinet will not now ban U-turns at the Clayhall Avenue width restriction – as had been proposed and agreed previously by Conservative councillors. This will be a huge relief to residents of Roding ward’s Hill Farm Estate, who would have been inconvenienced by the […]

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Another planning consultation!

by gwynethdeakins on November 19, 2014

  The Council have recently issued a planning consultation document about a ‘planning brief’ for a site in South Woodford. A planning brief is a document which sets out what kind of development would be allowed by the Council in a particular  place.   Any planning application that is made for that location has to comply […]

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Schools parking crackdown

by gwynethdeakins on

In response to complaints received over several years, the Council has announced the launch of a pilot project to crack down on dangerous and illegal parking outside six Redbridge schools.  One of the schools involved – Oakdale Junior – is in Roding – and another, Churchfields Junior, is attended by many pupils from Roding. Roding’s […]

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Grounds contract terminated

by gwynethdeakins on November 18, 2014

The Council has ended its contract with its grounds maintenance contractor – just weeks after this was suggested by Roding Councillor Gwyneth Deakins at a Council meeting. Gwyneth asked the Council’s Cabinet Member for Leisure Services whether the Council would consider ending the contract in view of the appalling standard of service in the last […]

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Wanstead/Woodford Planning consultation opens

by gwynethdeakins on November 7, 2014

The Council’s consultation on whether there should be an intensification of development along the Wanstead/Woodford corridor (see story below) has now opened. The Council has told us: ‘A “Preferred Options Extension- Alternative Development Strategies” Report has been produced that presents four specific options to consider how to meet part of the Council’s housing and infrastructure […]

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Packed meeting hears about City Airport flight plans

by gwynethdeakins on November 5, 2014

Members of the public and local councillors attended a packed meeting in Wanstead Library this week to hear about the proposals from London City Airport to concentrate more tightly the flight paths of aircraft leaving the Airport.  This will affect the Wanstead area and the south of Roding ward – in South Woodford. The meeting […]

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Lib Dems’ Cllr Hugh Cleaver has spoken out about the Council’s plan to close Redbridge’s Outdoor Activity Centre at Glasbury in mid Wales. Redbridge schools ave been sending groups to the centre for many years, to give city-bred children the chance to experience and learn about outdoor activities and the countryside.  The centre runs at a […]

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Chewing gum at South Woodford Tube

by gwynethdeakins on November 3, 2014

Some time ago the Focus Team complained to the Council about the large amount of chewing gum on the pavements around the entrance to South Woodford Tube station in George Lane and Mulberry Way. We have just chased the Council up again and have been told that their graffiti team have cleared a couple of areas […]

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Planning Consultation to open on 7 November

by gwynethdeakins on October 30, 2014

We have heard that the Council’s consultation on planning policy for Woodford, South Woodford and Wanstead (see stories below) is due to open on 7  November.  Keep an eye on Redbridge i and the local press for more details. In any case we will of course keep you up to date with information on this […]

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The row about the planning consultation on possible intensification of development in Wanstead and Woodford rumbles on.  And the Lib Dems’ principled stance on opposing the plans has been praised by Labour’s Leader of the Council, Cllr Jas Athwal. Responding to a Tory ‘campaign’ against the plans, he said. ‘If the Conservative councillors concerned felt […]

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