Travellers on Wanstead Rugby Club grounds


We have been notified that a group of travellers arrived at Wanstead Rugby Club on Roding Lane North yesterday evening.  Although leased to the club, the land is owned by the Council and it is therefore the Council’s responsibility to ensure that they vacate the site.  Emergency Planning Officers, accompanied by the Police and a Vision officer, visited last night. They returned this morning, with other relevant Council officers, to carry out the required welfare checks. Unless there are any relevant concerns arising from the welfare visit, the Council and the Police will then together issue their respective paperwork requesting the occupants to vacate the site. The Council is required to provide the families with reasonable notice to leave and 48 hours’ notice will be given. The Council-funded Community Police Team are also keeping an eye on the site this evening and the Rugby Club has employed a Security Guard overnight.

Clayhall Avenue U-turns: the latest

We understand that there have been going on one hundred representations regarding the proposed Traffic Order to ban U-Turns at Clayhall Avenue, all but a handful being resident objections to the Order.  It is very unusual for any Traffic Order to attract such a large number of individual objections.  The Council is now legally obliged to consider these and weigh them against the potential advantages of pressing ahead with implementation (which, in our view, are negligible, given the complete absence of any accident record at this location).

The abolition of Area Committees by the new Labour administration has made significant changes to the decision-making arrangements for local issues such as this.  Instead of being decided by local councillors, the decision as to whether or not to press ahead with the Traffic Order now sits with Council Highways Officers.  And, instead of simply consulting the Conservative councillors for the wards where the junction is located, the officers are now required to consult both the Cabinet Member (Labour Cllr Nijjar) and the ward members for those wards “affected by the decision”.  Cllr Bond has confirmed with the Council that, since many Roding residents would clearly be significantly affected by any ban, Roding councillors will now be formally consulted about the proposed Traffic Order, along with the Conservative councillors for Clayhall and Fullwell wards.

Ian and Gwyneth will be backing our local residents and arguing that a U-turn ban at this junction is unnecessary, would be disadvantageous to many of our residents, and indeed could be counter-productive if drivers start turning at less safe locations.

For the latest news, watch this space….


Weekly Planning News

A recent application:

2181/14:  26, South View Drive, South Woodford, London, E18 1NS.   Single storey rear extension and internal alteration to convert two dwellings into one dwelling. (Summary)

And recent decisions:

2075/14: Erection of 1 x 1 bedroom dwelling with under croft driveway.  Land Adjacent To 100, Pulteney Road, South Woodford.   Decision:  Refuse Permission/Consent

0394/12/02 Woodbridge High School, St Barnabas Road, Woodford Green, IG8 7DQ

Arboricultural Method Statement (Condition 6); Decontamination (Condition 8) [Partial discharge]; Construction and Demolition Management (Condition 9); BREEAM (Condition 15) [Partial discharge]; Energy Strategy(Condition 16): Erection of a 2 – 3 storey building,groundworks, demolition of existing changing room buildingand creation of a new playcourt (Summary). Decision: Discharge of Condition(s) Granted/Approved/Agreed

1908/14 Loft conversion with rear dormer. Hip to gable roof alteration.  Two front roof lights. 309, Chigwell Road, Woodford Green, IG8 8PL

Cert. Lawfulness Proposed:  Lawful

2159/14 Demolition of existing dining hall to the rear of the Wynndale Building and construction of a single storey dining hall with a larger footprint and height (Summary). Woodbridge High School, St. Barnabas Road, WoodfordGreen, IG8 7DQ

Full Planning Permission Approved – with conditions



Rubbish collections back to normal

After moving the weekly rubbish collections to a 6.00 a.m. start during the ‘hot’ weather (the coolest August for 20 years, though we accept that wasn’t the Council’s fault!), rubbish collections will commence at 7.00 a.m. as normal again from today, 1 September.

Weekly Planning News

Three new Applications this week:

2587/14:  167 Hermon Hill – two storey side extension

2479/14:  1 Maybank Avenue – two storey side extension

2510/14:  65 Grenville Gardens – two storey side extension to create new dwelling; rear extension

and the following Decisions:

2146/14:  55 Grenville Gardens – demolish extensions; new rear extension – Approved with conditions

1142/14:  5 Charnwood Drive – single storey front extension – Refused

0656/14:  15 South View Drive – demolish rear extension; new rear extension – Approved with conditions

1696/14:  GF 149 Hermon Hill – demolish external staircase; new side & rear extension – Approved with conditions

You can get more information on any of these from the Council website planning page, and searching on the planning reference.





‘Weed’ prefer a better service!

Residents of the Hill Farm Estate have been up in arms about the appalling standard of maintenance of the bushes and shrubs along the roadside verges in their area.  The Focus Team has been fighting to get the Council’s contractors to do a proper job.

Back in May we alerted the Council to the fact that the grass verges had not been mowed – following our complaints, that was done.  We then demanded that the shrubs, and the weeds that had been allowed to grow among them, be dealt with.

Since then, the contractors Ground Control have been back several times and only now, after more complaints from Focus Councillors and residents, have they trimmed all the bushes and cleared away the cuttings.  Unfortunately the area still looks scruffy because the areas of grass that were under the spreading vegetation have all died and there is bare earth and more weeds coming along.  And the grass needs mowing again . . .  .

We are informed that the Council will take ‘the appropriate action’ against Ground Control.  Nevertheless we will continue to ask tough questions about the contract itself and the unacceptable performance of the contractors.

Let us know if there are similar problems anywhere else in the area.

Planning news

Some recent planning applications in Roding ward:

5, Gordon Road, South Woodford, London, E18 1DW:   Rear extension to basement, first and second floor levels (2171/14)

63, Onslow Gardens, South Woodford, London, E18 1ND: Demolish existing garage, single storey rear projection and outbuildings. Two storey side extension with hipped roof, single storey front extension incorporating new porch. Two storey rear extension and single storey rear extension. Loft conversion with hip to gable roof alteration, rear dormer and Juliet balcony. New patio with steps down to garden. (Summary) (2003/14)

157-159, St Barnabas Road, Woodford Green, IG8 7DG:  Demolition of existing outbuilding and erection of new outbuilding to provide additional accommodation for existing D1 use (Summary). (1977/14)

9, Raven Road, South Woodford, London, E18 1HB:  Change of industrial unit (Use Class: B1, B8, D1) to a church (Use class: D1) (1988/14) Woodbridge High School, St. Barnabas Road, Woodford Green, IG8 7DQ: Demolition of existing dining hall to the rear of the Wynndale Building and construction of a single storey dining hall with a larger footprint and height(Summary) (2159/14)

 37, Crescent Road, South Woodford, London, E18 1JA:  Loft conversion with rear dormer. Three front roof lights and two roof lights to two storey rear projection. (1917/14)

 Flat Ground Floor, 1, Latchett Road, South Woodford, London, E18 1DL:  Single storey rear extension. (1849/14)



Pothole Repair in Roding

Several badly pot-holed roads in Roding ward are to benefit from a Council project to repair bad road surfaces.

Diana Close, Fosters Close, Ashbourne Avenue, Burton Road and Cadogan Gardens will be treated.  

In June 2014 the Department for Transport (DfT) allocated  Redbridge Council £325K  from the £10 million London share of the £168 million Pothole fund available to all councils in England.  This was the result of a successful application to the DfT pothole fund  in May 2014.

The Council has set a target to fill a minimum of 8000 pot holes by March 2015.  They have identified the worst roads in the borough and when doing the work they will also look at nearby roads to treat if necessary.  They will be working through the borough starting in the East over the next nine months, which means that our roads in Roding will be nearer the end of the programme than the beginning!

The Council will continue to monitor and inspect all roads in the borough as usual and will continue to deal with serious and dangerous defects urgently as they do now.

As always, let us know if you think there are any roads in a poor state in Roding which are not being dealt with! 


Roding flood prevention: another step forward

IMG_4568The Environment Agency has announced that it is now adopting the recommendations of the flood risk management strategy for the River Roding which was approved in July 2012 following extensive public consultation.  The Agency will now begin to implement the preferred options.

They are writing to all properties and landowners within the boundary of the River Roding’s flood plain, advising them of the strategy recommendations and how the implementation will impact on their property.  The Roding Strategy recommendations, which include a flood storage area at Shonks Mill upstream of the M25 as well as changes to maintenance activities, will reduce flood risk to about a thousand properties.  The Agency has started investigations into the flood storage area and will contact local residents in the coming months.  They say that ‘unfortunately, some properties will remain at high risk, or in a few cases, have an increased risk of flooding. We are working with these property owners to offer advice and guidance to ensure they are aware of their risk and steps they can take to minimise this risk and prepare for flooding.’  (These properties are not in Roding ward.)

Before the Agency fully implements the changes to their maintenance work in this area, they will write to all affected parties to give at least twelve months’ formal notice of the change. 

This is another important step forward in the prevention of serious flooding in the Woodford area, which has been supported by Redbridge Council and in particular by Roding ward’s Cllr Ian Bond.

To find out more, see details of the Roding scheme on the Environment Agency’s website here.

Repairs planned for the A406

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that it will be carrying out major resurfacing work on the A406 North Circular between the Waterworks Roundabout and Charlie Brown’s Roundabout, starting on Friday 25 July (tomorrow).A406


The work will also affect the M11 slip road.

The aim is not only to repair the surface but also the underlying concrete road base, which has deteriorated.

Work will be carried out at weekends during the night, to minimise disruption to traffic, between 10 pm on Friday and 6 am on Sunday. When required there will also be weekday overnight work between 10 pm and 6 am.  There will be no work on the weekend of 9/10 August, because of the bike ride, or the weekend of the August Bank Holiday.

TfL will try to do the noisiest work before midnight.  Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained.  There will be times when access to and from the A406 and M11 may be affected, and diversions will be signposted.

On certain nights the 123 bus will have to be diverted.  Information about this will be posted at the bus stops.

They expect to finish by mid October.  Despite the disruption, we hope you will welcome this work, for which we have been pressing for some time given the poor state of this main road.  If any residents do have any concerns during the work, please get in touch with Gwyneth or Ian.