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Now Post Office blow for South Woodford

by gwynethdeakins on 12 January, 2017

South Woodford Post Office is among the 37 Crown Post Offices  announced for closure this week.

This is a heavy blow for the area following on from the proposed closure of the Royal Mail delivery office.

Just as the Council is planning to increase the number of households in the area, the basic services which help to support the community are being withdrawn.

The Post Office says that it will franchise its operation to a shop somewhere in South Woodford and we will be pressing them to find somewhere and guarantee that a service will continue.  Everybody knows how well used the present Post Office is – very often with long queues!

Cllr Gwyneth Deakins said ‘It feels as though South Woodford is constantly under attack from unaccountable organisations whose least concern is providing a good service to the public.  I am baffled as to why such a well-used facility should be targeted for closure.

‘I desperately hope that a suitable outlet for a franchise can be found.  We will be fighting to ensure that the best possible postal facilities remain available in South Woodford.’

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