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Garden Waste – widespread concern

by gwynethdeakins on 30 March, 2017

We are getting many complaints about the Council’s new garden waste collection service.

In some parts of the Borough (presumably those who don’t get a newsletter from their local councillors . . . ) awareness of the new scheme appears to be low.   And not everyone knows how it will work (including at least one of the Labour Councillors who actually voted the scheme through).  For example if you do not use all of your 50 bags in the first year you cannot go on using them in the second year without paying another £50.

So far 2,736 households have registered for the garden waste collection service.  The Council needs 10,000 to break even.  They say they are confident they will achieve this figure – if they do not, it is unclear what will happen.

There is much concern about whether the new biodegradable bags will be sufficiently robust to contain the type of waste they will have to hold – often branches, thorny cuttings and the like.  The Council say these are used by other Local Authorities and they will review whether they are fit for purpose if there are problems in the future.

We have already heard that there have been long queues at Chigwell Rd recycling centre with more people coming to dump garden waste there.  This was even with the ‘drop’ sites for garden waste elsewhere in the Borough still operating – they will soon cease to do so.

We remain of the view that this scheme is ill-thought out, poor value for money and one that will give rise to many more problems for local people’s quality of life.  We will continue to campaign for changes to it.



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