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Park Keeper Bill to leave Elmhurst Gardens

by gwynethdeakins on 2 May, 2017

We recently learned that Vision, the Council’s leisure agency, are moving popular park keeper Bill Frost from Elmhurst Gardens where he has been working for about twenty years.

This is a very sad day for the local community where Bill is a well known figure and very much a part of that community.  (As the Easter Bunny, above)

We have not yet been told who will be succeeding him as even the Friends of Elmhurst Gardens were not informed of the move.  Whatever happens the Lib Dem Focus Team will continue to support the Friends in their work of maintaining the park to a high standard.

The Friends are planning a farewell for Bill in the park next Sunday (7 May) at 2 pm – see their Facebook page.


2 Responses

  1. andrea says:

    it has not even been a week since the park keeper was removed from elmhurst gardens.

    I returned home at 3.45am last monday morning an saw the gates to the park in gordon road had not been locked both gates were wide open which surprised me considering a serious assault occurred last year inside the park at night when the same gates had been left unlocked.
    whilst walking my dog early this particular morning last year the police had taped off the area and informed me that a serious assault had taken place.

    I use elmhurst park daily very regularly an in just a week since the park keeper has been removed the rubbish and detritus is appalling already i counted 16 empty bottles of various sizes strewn over the grass on Wednesday early evening sweet papers and rubbish strewn all over the grass.

    i am not saying this would not be the same if the park keeper was still there but i feel that
    1. because of his longevity at the park and the fact local kids know Bill and respect him and know he knows most of their parents it acted as a small deterrent against any ant social behaviour.

    2. if Bill was there the rubbish would be promptly collected as he took great pride in the park and his work and not left like it was when i went there again thursday.

    i was astounded that pva glue had been thrown all over the path by the gate and not cleaned up for well over 48 hours. despite reporting this to the council i was told that the cleaners had been sent out to remove this this morning ( I called late friday afternoon and it was still there and hadn’t been cleaned as previously stated.

    I feel that the removal of Bill has had an will continue to have an absolute negative impact on the park, or many die rent reasons
    it won’t be long before there are serious health and safety issues with broken glass all over the grass. at least when there is nobody to report this to immediately in the hut.

    the fact the rubbish bins are not attended to prompltly will leave the area open to more foxes rummaging through for food quite naturally but also in their quest or food the poo bags will be left as they have been all over the place.

    as a resident who enjoys the tranquility and beautiful well kept and maintained park and the peace of mind that bill was in the park and was diligent and just a conversation away not a phone call or email or report that has a log time and response time frame ……
    i feel it an absolute mistake to remove him and certainly not replace him or implement strategies to robustly deal with the gates being let unlocked.

    I am sure that redbridge will say theres a funding issue or come up with a theory or explanation or have reasons known to themselves with regard to removing Bill I assume that they are relying on the residents and friends of elmhurst gardens to pick up the pieces.

    THe park has gone downhill so quickly in just a week i don’t want to imagine how filthy and neglected the park will become once the school holidays start.
    How dangerous the park will be due to the haphazard way they don’t lock the gates at night.

    Surely the management need to rethink their decision of there removal of there park keeper or are they going to rethink once something serious takes place.

    I can only assume the person who took the executive decision to remove the beautiful established fragrant rosebushes from the flower beds because of their upkeep????
    took the same decision to remove bill and not replace him.

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