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Tidying the Tip!

by gwynethdeakins on 6 July, 2017

After several complaints from the Lib Dem Focus Team the Council has at last taken action to tidy up the environment in and around the Recycling Centre at Chigwell Road.

Cllr Gwyneth Deakins asked a Question at the latest Council meeting about the potholes in the road, the pool of water beside the entrance and the litter blowing about.

We were told that there had been a ‘thorough inspection’ of the area and ‘remedial repairs’ were being done.  The pool of water had resulted from a burst water main.  And Shanks, the waste contractors who run the site, were to be reminded to avoid leaving wind-blown debris.

We shall be keeping an eye on the site to see that the improvements are maintained.  But it’s an indictment of the way this Council regards the whole business of waste disposal and recycling that these problems had to be raised by a local councillor several times before they were resolved.


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