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Labour’s humiliating climb-down on garden waste

by gwynethdeakins on 18 October, 2017

We have just learned that following the disastrous introduction of a fee-paying scheme for disposal of garden waste, with flimsy bags, this year, the Council’s Labour administration has now decided to reintroduce a free fortnightly collection from March to November next year. And the old green bags will come back! This comes after the fee-paying scheme failed to attract enough subscribers to break even.

Roding Councillor and Leader of the Lib Dem Group Gwyneth Deakins said, ‘This shambles could have been avoided if Labour had listened to any of the residents and councillors who told them at the outset that their scheme was fundamentally flawed.  It sums up this Labour Council in a nutshell.  They think that consultation slows up efficient administration, yet this episode shows that failure to take account of people’s views simply leads to waste and chaos’.

‘And it just proves that Labour is the least ‘green’ party in Redbridge!’ she added.

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