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‘Springer’ at Onslow Gardens play area

by gwynethdeakins on 14 January, 2018

A small item of play equipment, a ‘springer’ has finally been installed in Onslow Gardens play area – over two years after Roding Cllr Gwyneth Deakins bid for funding for the play area from the CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) fund.

The CIL money was also used to pay for a new sign and litter bin in the area.

Although these are very small items it is a start towards improving the area for local children.  However it is extraordinary and unacceptable that it has taken more than two years of nagging, site visits, Council Questions and use of unparliamentary language to Council officers to get this small item of expenditure completed.

When we had Area Committees, small projects like this could be quickly identified, agreed and their progress monitored by local councillors and residents.  Labour centralism and bureaucracy has made it all so much more difficult.

And we have demanded that the Council improve the cleanliness of the area – which is too often full of litter and dog mess – and the approach, which is very muddy.  Pictured, Focus Team member Paul Emsley removes a broken bottle!


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