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Labour’s shocking record on new Council homes

by gwynethdeakins on 19 January, 2018

It has been revealed that in nearly four years of running the Council, Labour has built only 39 new Council homes.

And sixteen of those were in a development started under the previous administration.

No Council homes at all were built between June 2014 and June 2016.

At a time when there are thousands of families waiting for Council housing, including many in overcrowded and sub-standard accommodation, it is a disgrace that a Labour Council should have such an abysmal record in providing new homes.  They seem more interested in getting huge blocks of private flats built in Ilford.

Much of the blame for this state of affairs can be attributed to Labour breaking up the Housing Department and then putting it back together again eighteen months later.  In so doing they prioritised administrative and management concerns over providing decent homes for the citizens of Redbridge.  The consequences are there in hard numbers now.


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