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The Local Government Boundary Commission today publishes its final proposals for new wards in Redbridge, on which the 2018 council elections will be fought. For South Woodford and Wanstead the good news is that the draft proposal – which followed the idea put forward by the Conservatives of dividing the area along (or close to) […]

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Cut in Council Tax support – a cynical move

by gwynethdeakins on 11 December, 2015

This week Redbridge Council’s Labour Cabinet voted to cut the amount of financial support it gives to Council tax payers of working age who are on the lowest incomes.  This will mean that, if agreed by full Council on 21 January, the amount of Council Tax these people have to pay will treble. (See our […]

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Redbridge LibDem councillors are calling on the Labour Council to abandon its proposals to cut the amount of Council Tax support it gives to the least well off people in the Borough. When the last Government abolished Council Tax benefit, it gave Councils money to continue to provide some financial help to those on lowest […]

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Redbridge Action Day for E18 this week

by ianbond on 20 April, 2015

    The Council will be holding an “action day” (activity that now confusingly spreads over more than one day) this week in the parts of Roding ward with E18 postcodes, as well as in next door Church End ward. This will bring together a range of council enforcement officers to tackle local problems such as […]

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The Council has confirmed to us that the proposed yellow lines for Hermon Hill, on the western side north of the junction with Osprey Close, together with the associated proposals for no parking on the verges on the eastern side, will now not be progressed.  This follows large numbers of objections from residents of Hermon […]

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U turn ban; Tories still wriggling!

by gwynethdeakins on 17 December, 2014

As reported below, the Council’s Cabinet recently agreed NOT to impose a ban on U-turns in front of the width restriction in Clayhall Avenue. That should have been the end of the matter since the Council’s Highways officers stated that there was no justification for a ban – there have been no recorded accidents and a […]

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Labour takes the axe to local democracy

by gwynethdeakins on 18 July, 2014

At last night’s Redbridge Council meeting, the ruling Labour Group took the axe to local democracy in the Borough by abolishing the seven Area Committees and the three Regional Planning Committees. Area Committees Labour went ahead with this measure even though Area Committees provided opportunities for residents to see your councillors in action, to have your say when local […]

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Clayhall Avenue U-turns – the fight continues!

by gwynethdeakins on 25 June, 2014

At last week’s meeting of Redbridge Council, Roding Councillors Gwyneth Deakins and Ian Bond sought to persuade the full Council to tell Tory Councillors in Clayhall and Fulwell to reconsider the proposed ban on U-turns at Clayhall Avenue. A group of residents from the Hill Farm estate spoke on behalf of their neighbours and others who use the U-turn to […]

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A ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ to Polling Day

by ianbond on 21 May, 2014

  Q:  When is Polling Day? Tomorrow!  It’s Thursday 22nd May for both the Redbridge Council and European Parliament elections. Q:  When can I vote? Polling Stations open at 7 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. sharp Q:  Where do I vote? If you have your polling card it will tell you where to vote.  The Council […]

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Last week saw the seats in the Council chamber occupied by members of the Redbridge Young Cabinet, meeting to discuss how to spend £100,000 of Council funding on key priorities identified by local young people. Last October, young people met in chamber for the Redbridge Youth Debate, where Cllr Bond and the other party leaders […]

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